Budding Botanists, Climate Change Believers, & Chefs of all ages:

we have fun educational experiences just for you.

Plants of the Future + Snack :  $15/pp 15 person min, 30 person max

Hydroponic gardening is soil-less, water-based gardening. Here at Box Greens, we do this on a large scale inside repurposed shipping containers. Participants will see this process in action, then have the opportunity to create their own hydroponic plant, through a process called the Kratky method, wherein the plants do not need any special lights or pumps. Each plant will start with a seed that has germinated (begun to sprout leaves) right here at Box Greens. These plants will flourish in the sunlight and provide food for your very own windowsill-to-table experience at home. Box Greens will work with your groups's supervisor or lead educator to tailor the experience to suit your group.

All materials will be provided including snack.

*The farm requires a ratio of 1 chaperone per every 10 students. All chaperones are free of charge to accompany the students, but will be expected to pay the student rate (to cover materials cost) if they participate in the activity.

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