Lettuce Answer your FAQs

Why are your greens so delicious?

90% of all lettuce consumed in the US is grown in California and Arizona, it takes 2-4 weeks to make the journey to South Florida, and in the process the greens degrade in flavor and nutrition. Not only does our lettuce taste delicious because it is so fresh; delicate flavors are made possible by our precise controlled environment - it is perfect weather for growing sweet, tender greens 365 days a year at our farms.

Do I need to wash my Box Greens before eating?

It is not necessary to rinse your lettuce prior to consuming because our greens are grown in an indoor farm: a controlled environment. We never use pesticides, or sanitizer on our greens and there are no issues with bugs, runoff or pathogens typically found in the field. Box Greens lettuce is clean and safe to enjoy straight out of the container.

Is Box Greens Certified Organic?

An organic certification refers to the health of the soil. As a hydroponic farm, we grow without any soil, so we do not fit into this category. We are committed to delivering healthy, safe and nutritious food free from harsh, undesirable chemicals.

Do you use GMO seeds?

We only use non-GMO seeds at Box Greens. We partner with the most innovative and reputable suppliers focused on seed safety and flavor.

What is the best way to store my Box Greens?

Lettuce is happiest in cool temperatures. Store your greens in an airtight container in your fridge. Box Greens lettuce is harvested hours (not days or weeks) prior to distribution. Not only can you taste the difference; your greens will last much longer in the fridge than typical store bought greens because they are so fresh.

Where can I purchase Box Greens?

You can sign up for home delivery on our website or find us at The Legion Park Farmers Market on Saturdays. You can also find Box Greens on the menu at your favorite restaurants all over South Florida.

How is Box Greens different from traditional field-grown greens?

As agriculture and technology collide, so has innovation in farming. By utilizing hydroponic (soilless) techniques in a controlled environment while making use of the vertical space, we are able to grow an incredible amount of food. Produce is grown 365 days a year on a relatively small footprint in close proximity to where our customers live, work and play. We’ve localized food production thus eliminating the impact from transporting food across the country and delivering a fresh product that is not only tastier but robust with nutrition. Growing in a controlled environment eliminates the need to use pesticides. Our food is safe from pests, runoff and pathogens typically found in the field where disease is then spread in the sorting process.

How is indoor farming better for the planet?

We’re giving the earth back to nature. Our farm uses 95% less water than traditional farming methods, produces zero agricultural runoff, without effect to wildlife habitat destruction and is a carbon negative agricultural process. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) completed an analysis in favor of indoor farming outlining the future role of indoor farms to reduce many of the environmental impacts of conventional agriculture.

What else is growing at Box Greens?

We are working on more products in the leafy green category and putting additional crops into research and development. Sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to hear about (and taste) our expanded product line.

Can I visit the farm?

Currently, the farm is closed to live visitors. We host online virtual field trips for students of all ages. We are excited to have you as our guest on a tour, for a dinner, or in a workshop once we are all able to congregate safely in groups.

I purchased a container of ‘Happiness’ for a neighbor in need. How does my contribution support the community?

Our community of lettuce lovers supports neighbors-in-need when purchasing a container to donate through our online store. This produce is handed over to The Urban Oasis Project and included in the Maracuya Project, delivering boxes of fresh fruits and veggies to members of the community that are food insecure.

Can I use Food Stamps to purchase Box Greens produce?

Box Greens can be purchased using food stamps at The Legion Park Farmers Market, made possible by The Urban Oasis Project Florida Access Bucks program. This program doubles SNAP benefits when used to buy fresh Florida fruits and vegetables.