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Note to our Lettuce Lovers: We are in awe of your support, and we are working to expand our operation as quickly as possible. While we balance the openings/closings of Miami's best restaurants, we may have surplus available on harvest days.  To get on the text list for alerts & surplus, send us your number:

Message the Lettuce Lover's Hotline.

Shop below for Delivery Thurs 7/17  & Fri 7/17

Order by Wednesday, 7/15 at 5pm

There is a $20 minimum + $5 delivery charge.

Delivering to East Dade County from Aventura south to Palmetto Bay,

including all of Miami Beach, Surf/Bay/Bal

plus Hallandale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, & Miramar.

Questions? Email us  or Call (844) 204-0002, if we are unable to answer immediately, your call will be returned.

If we are unable to make your delivery, you will be notified and refunded.

Deliveries will be Thursday & Friday. You will be notified of your day via email.

Please keep in mind that we deliver to the first point of contact.

For example, if you live in a building, we do not come upstairs to leave at your door, we would leave downstairs at the concierge.

You will receive a text upon delivery so that you can cool the lettuce in the fridge before enjoying your next salad. 


Urban Oasis Project is offering pick up and delivery of the Farmer's Market products. Box Greens will be on that list as well if you would prefer to order all together.

 Would you like to receive text alerts?

Get on the Text List. Send your name/restaurant & phone number.

Message the Lettuce Lover's Hotline. 

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